International Patients

International Patients

If you are visiting us from around the world or planning to visit the UAE for medical treatment purposes our dedicated international patients’ team will help you find the right doctor and suitable timing for your visit.

We know that looking for the best medical services away from home can be difficult for patients and their families; our team can coordinate and guide you through every step of your patient journey when seeking treatment within our group.

To get in touch with our International Patients Team:

Tel: +971 2 614 9912

Fax: +971 2 5633872


Medical Tourism in Abu Dhabi 

The Department of Health (DoH), in collaboration with Department of Tourism and Culture (DTC) is building a network of service providers to build a comprehensive system to attract and meet international patient requirements utilizing existing local expertise and capacity in healthcare and infrastructure in Abu Dhabi.

We are proud to be partners with Abu Dhabi Medical Tourism. 

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