Danat Al Emarat Hospital welcomes 419 newborns during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Danat Al Emarat Hospital welcomes 419 newborns during the Holy Month of Ramadan

24 May 2020, Abu Dhabi – UAE: Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children in Abu Dhabi farewelled the Holy Month of Ramadan with the birth of 6 female newborns -; and have welcomed 4 newborns during the first few hours of Eid Al Fitr. The hospital also welcomed 419 newborns during the Holy Month of Ramadan, of which 191 were Emiratis, and 13 twins and 1 triplet. Of the total, 202 were girls, and 217 were boys. With that, the total number of newborns delivered at Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi has reached 18,046 since the opening of the hospital on October 2015 of which 9762 babies were Emiratis.

Mariano Gonzalez, CEO of Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children, part of United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical) said, “Including our Eid babies born at the hospital during the early hours of Eid, a total of 18,046 babies have been born at our hospital since our first baby born on 28 October 2015. Amongst the total number of births, we had 9374 boys and 8672 girls. All these precious bundles of joy were managed by our team of over 200 obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists, midwives and nurses. We expect to welcome another 7 babies by end of today. During these challenging times of COVID 19 spread, and under the guidance and directions of the health authorities in UAE and the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, we would like to ensure all patients especially pregnant mothers that the utmost precautionary measures are applied at the hospital ensuring best antenatal and childbirth care is provided and the care is uninterrupted.

Danat Al Emarat Hospital has welcomed its first newborn for Mr. Zayed Al Mansouri, Emirati, at 2:33 am of the first day of Eid Al Fitr. The father said, “my wife due date was last week but with Allah’s will she started having labor symptoms on the last day of Ramadan and here we are now celebrating the birth of our child. We have named him Khalifa and he weighed 2.4 Kg. Baby Khalifa and my wife are in good health thanks to Allah. Our celebration today is doubled with his birth and Eid. Thanks to Danat Al Emarat team for the care they have been providing my wife and child, especially during these of COVID-19 spread. We have witnessed very strict safety measures throughout our visits to the hospital and today druring the birth of my child, which has put us in peace of mind, and we appreciate their efforts in providing consciously high-quality care to all patients.”

The second baby was born at Danat Al Emarat Hospital few minutes after Fajer prayer for the family of Mr. Mohamed Abdullah Jadawi. The father said, “We named our newborn Khawla. She weighed 3.26 KG and is in good health thanks to Allah. Having her born today has doubled our joy as we all celebrate the first day of Eid Al Fitr. The baby and her mother are in good health. We were expecting her in 5 days, but with Allah’s will she has joined our Eid celebrations today before Eid prayers. Our joy today is doubled.”

At 5 am, family of Dr. Abdullah Al Marzouqi, welcomed their third newborn boy. The father said, “we were expecting out child to be a bit later; but with Allah’s blessings we welcomed our baby on first day of Eid. The baby is in good health thanks to Allah and we named him Ali after his grandfather. His brother Sultan and sister Fatima are so excited to meet him. As an internal medicine physician and within the frontlines in the medical sector to combat COVID-19 pandemic, I haven’t seen my family for the past 3 months, except for very few times. I am at high risk to be exposed to the virus so I had to take the COVID19 test each time before meeting them, and was quarantined as per the standard practices. I was lucky enough to witness the birth of my child. However, I will need to go back to support the nation’s efforts in caring for our patients and help in combatting the virus. Our baby comes with big hopes, and we believe the better is coming, and the spread of the virus will decrease. It is my role and everyone’s role in this community to commit to the guidelines that help limit the spread of the virus. We would like to thank Danat Al Emarat for the care my wife and baby received especially during these times ensuring continuity of care to all pregnant women and newborns and beyond. We are indeed happy to meet our baby on the first day of 2020, hoping it will be a successful year full of happiness and good health for everyone.”

From his side, Dr. Sadoon Sami Sadoon, Chief Medical Officer, Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant at Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children in Abu Dhabi, “We would like to congratulate all the families today with the birth of their children on Eid day. On another note, we understand all the concerns from pregnant women during these days of COVID 19 pandemic due to the fact that they are at same risk of getting the infection similar to other population. However, by taking simple precautionary measures, including hand hygiene and avoiding contact with other people with symptoms, and staying at home unless in urgent cases, all these measures can protect you from getting the infection. During this pandemic, we ensure that expectant women continue to receive their advanced antenatal checkups, fetal medicine consultations, a safe childbirth, postnatal care, health education and counselling as well as newborn care. If the women visit our facility, we have adapted numerous precautionary measures inside our facilities including the establishment of a pre-screening tent that all patients would need to pass through for checkups and answering a questionnaire before entering the hospital. We also have established a streamlined patients’ pathway in case a patient was screened and found with high fever or flu-like symptoms, and are isolated right away. Seating in all our waiting areas have also been reduced to 30%, and we ensure very minimal waiting times for women and children to see their doctors, in addition to disinfecting our facilities regularly. Our staff are also screened regularly and are fully trained to combat the virus. Pregnant women could also choose to attend a tele-consultation remotely or arrange for a medical home visit, if her case is not urgent, while her medication would be delivered to her home. This gives all mothers seeking care peace of mind. All women are also provided with the needed education, counselling and medical care the mother and the baby need.”

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