Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in October themed “BREAST SCREENING DOESN’T STOP DURING THE PANDEMIC”

Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in October themed “BREAST SCREENING DOESN’T STOP DURING THE PANDEMIC”

4 October 2020, Abu Dhabi – UAE: Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children in Abu Dhabi, part of United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical), launched today a breast cancer awareness campaign throughout the month of October, which marks the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, highlighting the importance of regular breast screening and early detection of breast cancer.

In line with the hospital’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, the awareness campaign themed “breast screening doesn’t stop during the pandemic” includes complimentary breast screenings for women 40 years and above aiming to detect breast cancer in its early stages. Women who wish to do the screening can contact the breast diagnostics unit at Danat Al Emarat Hospital directly to book an appointment in line with the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Moreover, virtual breast cancer awareness talks are organized every Thursday in English and Arabic during the month of October.

Dr. Sadoon Sami Sadoon, Chief Medical Officer of UEMedical said, “the hospital has an advanced unit and diagnostic department equipped with the latest technologies and medical expertise for breast diagnostics including imaging and breast biopsies. Danat Al Emarat Hospital performed over 5000 tests since its opening in 2015, including mammogram screenings and breast ultrasounds. Moreover, Danat Al Emarat Hospital is accredited by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi as a breast cancer screening center.”

“We aim through offering complimentary breast screenings in October to encourage women to go for the screening and not delay it during the pandemic, to test a larger number of women and help in early detection. For women who want to do the screening at the hospital, full information about breast cancer and importance of early detection will be provided. These screenings are offered by experts in their specialties. Women 40 years old and above should make breast screening a priority every couple of years according to Department of Health Abu Dhabi standards,” Dr. Sadoon added.

Dr. Adil Al Qaysi, Head of Imaging Department at Danat Al Emarat Hospital said, “medical research shows that the earlier a tumor is detected and treated, the better the outcomes are. International studies confirm that early diagnosis of breast cancer lead to higher survival rates of above 90%, which should encourage women to do the self-examination and regular screening, as breast cancer is the second most common cancer between women world-wide. Detecting the disease in its late stages, reduces the percentage of recovery. So, these awareness campaigns are very important for early detection and to encourage women to do regular screenings.”

Ms. Eman Ali Al Shorafa, Chief Operating Officer at Danat Al Emarat Hospital added, “Our awareness activities come in line with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi strategic priorities in raising awareness on breast cancer. We are collaborating with different institutes, collages and universities to reach a large number of women to encourage them to do the screening to detect breast cancer and other diseases. These activities include virtual talks and seminars, offered by experts in their fields on Zoom and on our social media platforms. These talks and seminars are aimed towards all women including women with high risk factors, as well as university students to educate them about the topic from an early age.”

“There will be virtual sports events to emphasize on the importance of exercising and to encourage the general public and our employees, especially women, to have an active lifestyle and take care of their diet to boost their immunity,” Ms. Al Shorafa concluded.

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