46 Blood Units Collected

46 Blood Units Collected

HAAD Launches the Issuance of Electronic Birth Certificates at Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi – February 6, 2017: Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has launched a new system that authorizes the issuance of electronic birth certificates for newborns at Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children. Considered as the first hospital in the private sector, this new service comes in line with the current regulations implemented by HAAD for the issuance of new birth certificates.

The issuance of the first birth certificate for a newborn at Danat Al Emarat Hospital was attended by Helal Khamis Al Muraikhi, Director of Customer Care and Corporate Communication at HAAD; Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa Al Hammadi, Managing Director and CEO of United Eastern Medical Services, Chairman of Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children; Majd Abu Zant, Chief Operating Officer at United Eastern Medical Services, and a number of officials.

The launch of the service came after signing an agreement last week that entails Danat Al Emarat Hospital to become the first private hospital in Abu Dhabi to issue electronic birth certificates without the need for visiting HAAD customer service centers. This step comes in line with HAAD’s efforts to increase the speed and ease of access to various services offered at healthcare facilities, for the benefit of all residents throughout the Emirate.

Helal Al Muraikhi, stated: “HAAD previously implemented its electronic system for the issuance of birth certificates at government healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Tamm Centers in the western region, for all ‘newborns’ throughout the Emirate. This system directly e-links these facilities and centers to HAAD’s system, allowing them to issue these certificates – provided that all documentation is complete – thereby effectively eliminating the need for parents to visit any HAAD customer service center.”

Documents required for the issuance of a new birth certificate include the original birth notification provided by the hospital, the family book (applicable to citizens only) as well as the parents’ passports, marriage certificate and identity cards.

Healthcare facilities and centers currently linked up to this system are required to send copies of all original documents electronically to HAAD. HAAD then validates the accuracy and completeness of the paperwork and provides the necessary approvals for the issuance of an electronic certificate at the premises of the hospital.

Mr. Al Muraikhi, added: “Linking up private hospitals to this system reflects HAAD’s belief in the key role that private healthcare facilities play in the provision of healthcare services in the Emirate. Through this ongoing partnership with healthcare facilities, we continue to work diligently to improve the speed of access to our services for higher customer satisfaction.”

Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa Al Hammadi, Chairman of Danat Al Emarat Hospital and Managing Director & CEO of United Eastern Medical Services stated: “We are proud to sign this agreement which links us to the HAAD system and authorizes Danat Al Emarat Hospital to issue electronic birth certificates to all newborns at the hospital We have taken all the necessary measures to begin implementing this system in compliance with the requirements and regulations set forth by HAAD, and are proud to issue the first birth certificate today.”

Mr. Al Shorafa further stated: “This agreement is in line with our shared vision to further collaborate and streamline our efforts and constantly enhance efficiencies and the quality of services offered to our patients. These initiatives, which are designed to offer the community high quality services and increase patient satisfaction, will certainly have a larger positive social and economic impact.”

Mr. Al Shorafa added that Danat Al Emarat Hospital, located in Abu Dhabi Gate City, welcomed over 2100 newborns during 2016; which further highlights the need for services such as the issuance of electronic birth certificates at the hospital to help save time and effort for all new parents.”

From his side, the father of the newborn Mr. Mohammed Al Naqbi expressed his gratitude for issuing his new daughter’s birth certificate, who was born in Danat Al Emarat Hospital, conveniently at the hospital without the need to visit HAAD customer care centers.

He added, “Our newborn daughter, Shahd, is the fifth in the family. In the past, I had to visit HAAD and submit a birth notification from the hospital and the needed documents in order to issue the birth certificate, but now after the electronic system between Danat Al Emarat Hospital and HAAD, I managed to get my daughter’s birth certificate directly from the hospital where she was born. It took only few minutes which is extremely convenient to all new parents.”

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