Danat Al Emarat Hospital welcomes 3 newborns during the first few hours of the 50th UAE National Day

Danat Al Emarat Hospital welcomes 3 newborns during the first few hours of the 50th UAE National Day

Saif and Mussallim first newborns at Danat Al Emarat Hospital on UAE’s 50th National Day

2 December 2021, Abu Dhabi: Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children, in Abu Dhabi, a Mubadala Health partner, welcomed 3 newborns on the 50th UAE National Day. With the National Day newborns, the total number of newborns delivered at Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi has reached 26,348 since the opening of the hospital on October 2015 of which 14,427 babies were Emiratis.

Dr. Mohaymen Abdelghany, CEO of Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children said, “Our celebrations at Danat Al Emarat are doubled as we welcome our newborns today. Including the babies born at the hospital on UAE National Day, a total of 26,348 babies have been born at Danat Al Emarat Hospital since our first baby born on 28 October 2015, of which 14,427 were Emiratis. Amongst the total number of births, we had 13,726 boys and 12,622 girls. We are indeed proud of our team of over 200 obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists, midwives and nurses who provide unparalleled care to many of Abu Dhabi’s newborns. We expect to welcome another 6 babies by end of today. On behalf of the entire team of Danat Al Emarat, we would like to congratulate the UAE leadership and people on the Golden Jubilee of the UAE.”

“As we continue to combat the pandemic, and under the guidance and directions of the health authorities in UAE and the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, we would like to ensure all patients especially pregnant mothers that the utmost precautionary measures are applied at the hospital ensuring that best antenatal and childbirth care is provided, and the care is uninterrupted,” Dr. Abdelghany added.

Danat Al Emarat Hospital has welcomed its first newborn for Emirati family at 7:21 am during the early hours of UAE’s Golden Jubilee. The father, Ammar AbdelHakeem, said “We are truly happy to welcome our baby boy today on the 50th National Day. We have named him Saif, and he weighed 3.46 KG. Thanks to Allah, the baby and my wife are in good health. My wife’s due date was December 7th, but with Allah’s willing, baby Saif is celebrating the National Day with us today. The occasion is definitely doubled for us. I would like to thank Danat Al Emarat Hospital for the quality care they have provided to my wife and baby.”

The second baby today was born at Danat Al Emarat Hospital at 9:42 am for Emirati family of Mr. Hamad Abdullah AlRashdi. The father said, “Thanks to Allah for his blessings. We have named our newborn Mussallim. He is our first child, making this a very special occasion for our family as it also coincides with our nation’s Golden Jubilee. He weighed 3.9 KG and the baby and his mother are in good health. I would like to thank Danat Al Emarat doctors and the entire team for the care they have been providing my wife and child throughout her pregnancy journey. Additionally, we have witnessed great safety measures throughout our visits to the hospital and today during the birth of my child, which has put us in peace of mind, and we appreciate the efforts in providing consciously high-quality care to all patients.”

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