Neonatology is a specialized branch of Pediatric Medicine that deals with every aspect of care for newborns up to 28 days of age. In practice, the term of care may be extended to the first two to three months, depending on the newborn’s health.

There are three levels of care within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which is offered to you at Danat Al Emarat.

a. Level I

Providing routine postnatal care of healthy newborn infants, caring for low risk, uncomplicated newborns.

b. Level II

Providing intermediate services for newborns, including short-term intensive care, usually for less than 48 hours caring for moderate to selected high-risk newborns in a special care nursery.

c. Level III

Providing short and prolonged intensive care, including care of premature babies requiring continuous life support and comprehensive care for extremely high-risk newborn infants and those with complex and critical illnesses.

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